Polymerium ICO

The first ICO of real production

PRE-ICO -have been collected: 500.000 $

ICO Start - December 1, 2017


  • The plm company has been established in 2015
  • The company's turnover is more than 300000$ now.
  • Monthly sales growth is 10%
  • At the moment the products are sold in 15 regions in the three countries.
  • We have official requests to supply products to China, Greece, South Korea and Thailand

Anti-counterfeiting system ARMPACK

In 2015, the POLYMERIUM company has developed and implemented to the production the system of protection against counterfeit named ARMPACK. This technology can be used to protect the goods from any field, including IT.

Targets of the ICO

  • Improve the Armpac system based on blockchain technology, with the ability to integrate logistics services. This will allow to protect more than 1 billion items by 2022.
  • To opening more than 200 mini-factories for the production of motor oils and autochemistry worldwide until 2022.
  • The increase of production of motor oils in Russia and China.

Terms of the Polerium Ico

  • The planned volume of attracted funds from 5 to 11 million dollars
  • The results of pre sales is 500 000 $
  • The minimum amount of fees 500 000 $
  • Start ICO - 1 Dec 2017
  • The price of the PLM token is 10$ (will be available discounts from 20% down to 4% towards the end of the sales)

The benefits to the holders of
PLM tokens

  • The Price of PLM will be multiplied due to the growth of production volumes of the company
  • Each holder of PLM will be able to sell them in the market with great benefit to themselves
  • All the PLM holders will receive dividends (to this will be allocated up to 30% of the profits of the company)

The planned annual turnover of the company by 2019 will be 45 000 000 $, by 2022 to 750 000 000 $ per year


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